@@ "Goodbye, Johnny!" @ (drama, crime, action - short)
  The CIA agent Johnny accidentally breaks the policy of CIA and has to leave his serve. He improvises his own death. Johnny spends a night in a hotel, reminding of his duties and waiting for his fiancé to escape.
  Late December. A group of people stay around a new grave at a cemetery. They all are in a grief. A man - Mike Wolly - makes a speech about a person who is in this grave. A picture and a name are shown on the grave as of John McKein.

The ceremony is ended up. People leave the cemetery one after another. When there is no one at the cemetery, a single car slowly arrives. Showing no face, a man gets out of the car and walks to the grave of John. He puts some flowers over the grave and looks at the picture. The image of John smiles out of this picture widely and happy.

The image of John smiles out of the picture in wooden frame, staying on a coffee table in a hotel room. The man's hand takes a glass of vodka and approaches it to the man's face. Then it puts the empty glass back on the table and grabs a cigarette. The man puffs out a smoke.

Flashback. John sits outside a cafe, puffing out the smoke of a cigarette. There few other young people are around the table - Mike Wolly, Lucy and Vicky. They all laughs at John's joke. Parked car turn on its lights. John covers his eyes with his hand, hiding from a light.

Flashback. Covering his eyes from a light with one hand, John approaches another hand. He carries a gun with a silencer, what shots right away. A body of a guard falls down on a floor. John picks up his tools. Then he grabs a dead body and pulls it inside a small room. He closes a door behind him.

Present Time. When the door is closed up, a light turns on. The man is in a hotel bathroom. He walks closer to a sink and turn on a water. Then the man fills up both his hands with a water and approaches it to his face.

Flashback. John dives in to a lake and swims fast. Lights search around deserted shore and over lake's surface. Siren's noise is heard in the night. Two guards run on lake's shore. John swims away from lake's coast and dives deeper into dark water.

Flashback. John's face doves out a water. His hands hold borders of a bath. John wipes his face with a hand and gets out of a bath. A few minutes later, John sits behind a dinning table. His girlfriend Vicky sits across the table and smiles at John happy. The table is served romantically. John tells Vicky that he is a special agent of CIA, but not a teacher as she used to think he is. She tells him she is pregnant. A phone rings unexpectedly, what causes a glass of wine gets out of Vicky's hand and falls down. A red wine splashes over white carpet.

Flashback. A blood splashes over snow. John covers his shoulder, running away through a forest. Two guards chase after him, shooting with automatic rifles. John finds his secret place and skies down a hill. Suddenly, the hill cuts off and John flies as a bird. In a moment he falls on a snow.

Present Time. The man lies on a bed. He is face down over snow-white bed-dressing. A phone rings. The man's hand picks up the phone.

Flashback. A man's hand picks up a phone and moves it closer to man's face. The CIA officer briefly talks over the phone and hangs up it. John sits on a chair and looks at his chief. The CIA officer tells John that they know about what John told Vicky and it goes against the policy of CIA. John accepts his mistake and promises to fix it. John leaves the room, closing a door behind him.

Flashback. Late evening. John leaves a house, closing a door behind him. In a moment, Vicky walks out after him. He runs downstairs to his parked car. For a moment John glances back at Vicky and promises her to come back soon. John's car drives away, showing its license place.

Flashback. The same license place is dirty in soot, being creased by fire. John's car is burnt in total lost condition. Junkyard men talks about this car and guesses who used to drive it so it is burnt out. A police car with lights on arrives at the junkyard.

Present Time. Police blue-and-red lights bright a road. Siren is over night-road's noises of moving traffic. Someone's car pulls over, being stopped by police. The man looks at this scene through a hotel window. Then he closes the window and steps back. He grabs the picture of John from the coffee table and drops it inside the open bag. The image of John smiles out from the picture in the bag.

Flashback. A dark-gray gravestone with a picture of John is on it glitter with wet snow. John's name is shown on the grave.

Present Time. John's pictured face is smiles out from the bag. The man zips the bag. Someone knocks at a hotel door. The man slowly walks closer to the door. Knocking is repeated. The man opens the door. Vicky smiles at the man and hugs him. Then the man grabs his bag and leaves the hotel room after Vicky. They walk together down a hall. When they step inside the elevator cabin, the man turns back. It's John. He smiles widely and happy. The elevator's doors slide to close.

Fade Out.

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