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"Jump Over The Deadman Pass"
(drama, mystery - short)

The man unexpectedly meets his ex-wife in Las Vegas, missing his bus. Watching the morning news next day, he finds out the bus was crushed in the accident. The man rushes to see his ex-wife again, and thanks her for saving his life...

  "The Phone Call"
(mystery, drama - short)

On Christmas Eve night a young woman's soul makes a phone call to God. Before making her wish comes true, God shows her all other wishes what came true during a year. "...thought tends to materialize even when you don't want it as your wish..."

  "I carry you in my heart..."
(family, drama - short)

After twenty years of marriage, a man asks his wife for a divorce. She agrees with it, but she orders one favor: they have to live one more month as normal as they used to live before. After a month the man changes his mind regarding their divorce, but she passes away by cancer...

  "Be my mom"
(mystery, drama - short)

An orphanage child draws a letter to Santa, asking for a wish to have his own mother. A chief of the orphanage finds out about the letter and, being an Angel-on-duty, makes this wish come true. "You may not believe in Angels, but Angels believe in you"

"Kill the General"
(crime, action, drama - feature)

A serial killer plays a Hide-and-Seek with a police officer, who chases after him. Meanwhile, the killer has his personal life and loved ones. When the killer gets an order to kill the officer, he decides to save him - going against the system...

  "Three wishes"
(mystery, drama - feature)

An old man meets an old strange woman while they both are in a long term rehab facility. She offers him to make any three wishes of him to come true in a magic way, what he doesn't believe in. A miracle goes on... 

(mystery, drama - feature)

The demon of sins - Avriel - visits sinful people for their last conversation, as preparing them to meet God. In a parallel while Avriel talks to the Grand Inquisitor of Spain (1400s), the young Russian businessman (present time) spends a day as he always does in sins... 

  "Goodbye, Johnny!"
(drama, crime, action - short)

The CIA agent Johnny accidentally breaks the policy of CIA and has to leave his serve. He improvises his own death. Johnny spends a night in a hotel, reminding of his duties and waiting for his fiancé to escape.

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